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Dear Prospective Client

Thank you for giving us the opportunity and privilege to introduce the services offered by Global Advice, LLC.

Global Advice, LLC prides itself on creating long-lasting relationships and partnerships with its clients. We provide not only advice but also the means to new possibilities.

Today’s economic trends make it hard for investors and small businesses to create growth in their own domestic market. This has created the need to go abroad to find growth or maintain wealth. The problem is that it’s not only risky but also costly to do this alone or by using multiple consultants. Allow us to use our experience and expertise to minimize risks and costs by doing the heavy lifting for you.

Thanks again for your time and consideration of Global Advice, LLC for a mutually rewarding, strategic, long-term, and results- and value-focused partnership.

Jason Sheridan,

President and Founder

Global Advice, LLC


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Global Advice, LLC
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