Real Estate Asset Management & Global Market Expansion Consultant


Global Advice, LLC will provide our partners the ability to invest safely around the world by acquiring and developing assets in proven markets.

Vision statement

Global Advice, LLC strives to build long lasting relationships with our partners so that we grow together.

Overview of Services

Global Advice, LLC provides real estate owned properties: sales, outsourcing and property management services on a global level. We are a partner-oriented organization that manages real estate owned properties in the most efficient and precise manner. Our commitment is to procure the lowest priced distressed assets to own and renovate to increase value and income. 
We are a market expansion services company with a focus on United States and South Asia. We help you to maximize growth in markets that are difficult to enter unless you possess the local insight required to be successful. 

 Why Real Estate?

  • Owning real estate provides a sound investment for the future.
  • Investing in an unmovable asset allows for security and relief.
  • Tax benefits for providing residences to people and businesses. 
  • Direct partnership gives you the final say in the destiny in your asset since you actually own it.
  • Owning foreign property can offset macroeconomic problems such as inflation, business cycles, stagnant growth, adverse movement in foreign exchange and unemployment. 
  • The ability to leave a legacy to your children or grand children. This will allow them to benefit from future income.

Why global expansion? 

  • Tapping new markets to increase sales.
  • Growth is not possible in your domestic market. 
  • To offset political and economic risks. 
  • Gaining economies of scale.