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About Global Advice, LLC

Global Advice, LLC was founded in the anticipation that investors from Japan and China will a have greater need to preserve their wealth and find growth due to economic and political changes in their own country and in the global environment. Investors are also finding that with the weakening of their country’s currency and rising inflation, they will want to preserve their wealth by acquiring assets in other countries to offset these changes.

Global Advice, LLC will seek out distressed residential and commercial properties to fully renovate, manage and lease out. GA will set the property up as a limited liability company so partners benefit from the liability protections and gain advantages that are passed on to the partners. GA will also be a partner in this joint venture. We will manage the full renovation of the property, and thereafter, the building itself. Since we will be part owner of the asset, we will seek to minimize cost of the renovation. GA will then manage the property and find quality tenants.

Are you in a position to embrace globalization?

Some small businesses are finding themselves poorly positioned to be able to compete with companies that have already moved onto the global stage. Time is of the essence and finding the right partner to do this with can be costly and entail risks. Finding a partner that understands not only your business but your culture can be, not just difficult, but nearly impossible. In Global Advice, LLC, you will find that trusting partner. We will work with you in finding the country that is right for your business or investment. We will go to the country of your choice and set up everything, from finding the optimal location to renovating to acquiring local suppliers. Global Advice, LLC will utilize its network of global advisers to do this. We will leverage our vast knowledge of how the world works to provide you the greatest chance for success.