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Global Market Expansion Services

Globalization accelerates and expands the exchange of goods and ideas over an almost limitless
distance. Although this is normally thought to be a macroeconomic issue but in reality it has a profound effect on the local level. Countries and corporations are benefiting immensely from free trade and increased effectiveness in supply chains.  

But for small businesses that are just trying to navigate their way through these unstable times, global expansion is just a distant dream. During a downturn, small businesses focus on cost-cutting and tasks that are vital for survival. But the most resilient companies strike a balance between navigating current storms and developing strategies for growth. In any economy, new geographic markets offer businesses opportunities to create growth and help to protect against uncertainties in their home markets. By going abroad now to take advantage of the vacuum created by businesses that went home, will create loyalty and growth.—these are just some key elements to the planning process

Global sourcing

Global Sourcing encompasses shared services solutions and domestic and offshore outsourcing. We provide an exorbitantly effective means to achieving strategic operational gains and cost savings.

Local market research and analysis

It is essential to have current localized information prior to market penetration. This requires deep insight and knowledge of the domestic market, regulations and risks. We provide the required information in a format that is easy to understand and allows for intelligent decisions. 

Feasibility studies

We perform an extensive investigation and assessment survey to provide you with the ability to make intelligent and informed decisions. This allows for a detailed evaluation and analysis of the potential success of the the proposed proposition. We provide an objective and rational analysis of strengths and weakness of the business plan. It is also essential to know the internal and external threats to conducting business within the target market. Accessing the risks and rewards of the proposed venture is critical to knowing the success rate. 

Strategic planning and oversight

We will take your vision and translate it into actionable goals to be achieved in the shortest turnaround possible. Adapting your strategic planning and oversight process into a workable process within the new market. 
Market entry strategy

There is no one size fits all strategy for businesses that plan to enter a new market. Each market has different levels of risks, potential advantages and disadvantages and legal requirements. We will work with you to develop a customized strategy that optimizes your entry.