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Real Estate Asset Management

We all share something in common and that is a dream of a
better future. We all desire sustainable
income, comfortable retirement, the ability to provide our children with a college education, and maybe that dream house. We also want to leave something behind that will help those that we love. These dreams can become reality with the right planning.  

Setting objectives, getting a full picture of what you have and how to protect it, and your progress toward your goals—these are just some key elements to the planning process.

Due diligence and strategic guidance on potential assets. 

We thoroughly investigate the potential asset to determine whether the property fits the investment goals of the partners and give full guidance on acquisition and renovation plans.

 Acquisition and disposition services

We provide acquisition and disposition services for residential, office, hotel, and retail opportunities. We offer local expertise and in-depth market knowledge to assist in finding acquisition opportunities and going through the local legal processes smoothly.

Full Asset Renovation

We renovate the asset to increase Cash Flow and the ultimate Sale Value of the asset. We will make capital renovations to improve the structure and optimizing the floor outlay. This will provide a new modern appearance for the building, increased comfort for tenants, increased value of the property, overall increased energy efficiency, increased asset life, decrease of unexpected repairs. 

Comprehensive asset management and administration

We are a full service administration company uniquely focused to provide asset management and accounting at an affordable cost. The dedicated team of professionals at Global Advice, LLC has an unsurpassed knowledge of Management, Finance and, utilization of the latest technology. From coordinating outside vendors to preparing financial statements and data to comprehensive streamlined operational and administrative support. 

Property marketing and sales services

We bring service excellence, expert local market insight, and an enterprising intelligence to everything we do to ensure full occupancy for maximum income. We market and sell the partnership's assets by actively governing and interpreting the dynamics of a local market and enhancing sales through international channels. 

Accounting for property and ownership entity

We create and manage the ownership entity for each property by using a limited liability company structure so that all partners benefit from the blend of partnership and corporate structure. We provide in-house account and we engage an outside auditing company for year end financials.